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What's Keto?    
                                                                                                     Take back the control of your health!

This is a huge topic with new exciting data continually being added to the existing factual data base of information. I will provide a few links as a spring-board that we have found very helpful with regard to Keto. Don't believe what I say - research and study for yourself. I will honestly attest to the fact that developing and continuing a now "keto maintenance" lifestyle has made amazing changes in us. For example - a super fast weight loss that has stayed that way for years now. Personal medical doctors have trouble wrapping their heads around all the changes. Blood Presure is perfect. All Blood Counts are unbelievable. I have Blood and Urine labs performed approximately every three months. Moods have stabilized, improved mental clarity, more energy, no afternoon "crashes", no indigestion, no uncomfortable gas, no uncomfortable bloating...the list goes on and on!
Briefly - Keto (nutritional ketosis) takes what we have all been told for decades now and turns it upside-down, backwards, and inside out. If you clicked the link then you have days and days worth of valuable information on keto! The following is borrowed from "THE KETO DIET - the COMPLETE GUIDE TO A HIGH-FAT DIET" by Leanne Vogel. Ms Vogel's book is a powerful tool and a blessing for research!

                Nutritional ketosos, in which the body burns fat rather than sugar for fuel, is a powerful approach to radically improving health that's
                achieved by eating a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, moderate protein diet. This can seem counterintuitive: Most of us have been taught  
                that what's best for health is restricting dietary fat and consuming lots of carbohydrates, especially "healthy whole grains." But the truth,
                as proved by many cutting-edge medical studies, is that eating more fat and less carbs is beneficial for a wide range of health concerns.
                it can help you lose weight, improve mental focus, increase energy, stabilize blood sugar, balance hormones, and much more.

Stick with me here...you made it this far! There is just no way to explain keto in a brief web page article so please make the time to visit the following links:
Dr. Eric Berg - Hundreds of videos as well as an intriguing website. He is one of the Keto resources MANY people go to for accurate information.
Keto Connect - These two are so down-to earth and informative. Super YouTube videos with great recipes, hints, and suggestions!
Dr. Axe - Another super resource when you're ready to learn the truth!
Dr. Michael Vanderschelden - Great information in his book The Scientific Approach To INTERMITTENT FASTING
           This should be more than enough information to help you fully understand keto and how crucial it is to take your health back.
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