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Keto and Nutrition

DISCLAIMER: It is the position of CTCA and Disciples Path Ministry Inc.  that there is no scientific evidence to support nutrition modification alone can prevent or cure Cancer; it is merely one of several ways to potentially reduce risk of developing cancer or side effects and maintenance of quality of life during cancer treatment, and there is still much to learn about nutrition’s overall effectiveness. Let's be informed about the role of nutrition before our body demands our attention.
So many have asked about these topics. I am not a medical doctor nor a "certified nutritionist". What I will share with you is from my own training, research and personal/family use. We have all experienced huge health benefits from making nutritional changes at our home. As I frequently say - Don't beleive me, research this and everything for yourself. Tip: Closely consider your research sources as money is at work in odd ways when dealing with research, thus research results!
If you opened this link then I will assume you have at least a little curiosity about nutrition. The more in-depth you research current data from reliable studies the more sharing all this information about nutrition will make to you. I found during my research and training that much of the information we have all been told and grew older with was – and apparently except a small percentage, is incorrect!  Have you taken the time to really consider why in our technologically advanced and Oh so modern society people are dying from the same conditions (diseases) by the droves daily? What has happened? You know as well as I the reason was caused, and is added to and sustained, by our selfish desire for bigger, smaller, faster, cheaper, more convenient everything!

    We have destroyed the earth in the name of a false god — money!
    I noticed profound changes made in the last ten years. Let me remind you, as I frequently do— not to take my word for it. Research everything for yourself. One cannot truly “receive” anything as truth until one convinces themself!
    This will not be an exhaustive account so as not to make it exhaustive to read! I will begin by identifying what I consider the most salient points and then expand on those points in this narrative. They chose, and we continue, to ignore God and remain possessed, entranced, extremely loyal, and respectful of the "idol" false god -  MONEY.  Or perhaps I should say - what more money can do to ease our conscience as we know deep in our heart we are trying to escape paying attention to our heavenly Creator. Thousands of years later and we still follow the First Adam and his mate Eve. We still refuse to listen to God and demand that we have a better idea.
    In light of so much new data with regard to nutritions role and effect on all types of cancer cells I feel compelled to give you a spring-board for further research - by you.
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