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God Only Gives the Spirit to Those Who Obey Him
This message will be short.  We must remain open and make ourselves available to hearing, reading, listening to, and even physically experiencing unfamiliar Biblical doctrine.  I specifically use the words Biblical doctrine, yet I do not want to lead any to assume I refer to a religious denominations Biblical doctrine.  Apparently, most Christians remain open to accepting the theology of a church. Unfortunately, churches are governed by its denomination.  Churches claiming to be “nondenominational” require close examination also because of hidden personal agendas.  President Reagan offered great wisdom when he said we should trust…but verify.
One would be wise to develop a personal theology based on personal in-depth research, study, and fervent prayer.  Bible teacher and author of None Like Him recently wrote the following:
The world seeks the fountain of youth with unmatched fervor, thirsting for the outward appearance of agelessness.  Friends (Facebook or otherwise), seek instead the ageless Fount of all wisdom and drink deeply from it, as one who is learning to count.
I mention this to remind you that social media, just like a church of any denomination-or non-denomination, has the power to make or break, heal or hurt, teach or deceive.  Consider, if you will, an analytic theology of sorts, one that demands transparency and accountability. Teaching or preaching a shallow Biblical Gospel is deception.  Half- truth is still a lie.
I pray that you will make time to research and study Scripture for yourself before it is too late.  Too late for you as well as too late for those you interact with either in person or in the virtual world of social media.   Being a TRUE Christian is not easy — but it is simple!  
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