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                                                 Trust in the Lord, and do Good
Every person on this planet is a unique individual with no past, present, or future personal replication possible. God, our Creator, decided He wants every individual to have the same or very similar bodily standards while allowing for specific design attributes that are unique to each individual.  Everyone, yes, everyone is blessed with a talent. Our talent is the primary avenue God chose, in advance, for each of us to do His work. God has made you the way He wants you to be and has placed you where He wants you to be to do His work.
We will use our God-given talent for good or not-good, evil. I have said before, God’s Word is the seed, and the fruit we produce is our actions. Our unique talent can not produce good fruit unless we first accept Christ Jesus. More than receive, we must make our hearts and mind as clean and uncluttered as we can. If God promises to make a mansion for us to reside in for eternity, then we should make every effort possible to provide as clean a place for Him in us while on this side of heaven.
By following Jesus, we can see our heart in a way we have never seen it before. I wasted decades of my life doing everything my way because I knew what was right and wrong, good and not good. Like Adam and Eve, I chose to eat from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I never used the word evil or even wrong most of the time because I believed in myself, and I had a good argument for everything that ever happened in my life: everything that went bad or poorly was not my fault but someone else's. I was playing god and had a wide variety of idols. By, at one point in my life, denying the very existence of God, to just believing I knew as well or better than God, it became a very long, arduous journey until I committed my way to the Lord.
Following Jesus as carefully as I humanly can, I have come to understand all my pain, suffering, confusion, temptation, and torment is just Him testing the depth of my commitment and obedience to Him. When people are empty of God and His Word, they will fill their lives with vain things, whether material or philosophic. It has been revealed to me by several sources that God says another test is coming, and I probably will not pass it. The hardest test is when everything is wonderful! Fortunately, every time God permits testing, I seem to grow whether I pass or fail. Pain, suffering, confusion, temptation, and torment is not the hardest test — comfort is. I pray for the strength of obedience.
Join me in a whole new way of doing things.
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