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Theology 101

Theology can be defined as the study of the nature of God and religious belief.  In other words, religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.  Understanding theology can only bring us to the point of belief.  Christ Jesus takes us from that point forward, and that is where we find faith defined.  
People who will not humble themselves will never experience faith with regard to our heavenly Father, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Pay some attention to people who refuse to humble themselves.  You will notice a plethora of similarities in personality traits — none of which glorify God.  By making yourself aware of these people you will strengthen your ministry whether it be “Our Journey of Hope” cancer care or another branch of your ministry.  Bear in mind as you encounter these people that even some of the greatest people in the Holy Bible failed to trust or obey the Lord at one time or another.
Once one has come to the foot of the Cross-it is even more important to ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND that true Christian living is deep rooted in our thinking, which develops our inward and outward personality.  Our belief system has changed, we understand (as much as we need to) faith.  Still…we MUST develop (as second nature) a daily, faithful walk with God.  Regardless of where you are, or think you are, in your spiritual development, i.e. spiritual maturity, we need God again today as much as we ever did.  Satan and his ministers never sleep, take time off, or call out sick!
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