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Please Do Not Read Your Bible
Yes, you read that correctly! Reading the Bible does NO GOOD!  YOU MUST STUDY YOUR BIBLE and SEARCH FOR FATHER’S MEANING!  That is not possible if you simply skim passages or read without thinking profoundly and reflecting. That isn’t possible if you simply go to church, listen to what your minister tells you what you like to hear, attach the Christian “bumper stickers” to your vehicle, or “lead a good life.” President Kennedy once said that “ [A]n error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” That isn’t possible without help, so I implore you to pray (silently or out-loud) before you begin to study.

If you are reading this narrative, then understand that it is written with God’s Love — to you via me! No, I am no more to Father than you are. Yes, I am a sinner. What I have is a DEEP desire to try and explain to those that will listen with open ears….how God changes lives, wraps you in His love, will take control when you can’t. All you have to do is simply quit trying to figure it all out using human logic and humble yourself before God. Father has wisely given us free will. My profound thinking [on this topic] is that we all have to come to that moment when we come to the point where nothing makes sense, except perhaps a pistol in your mouth, and you have YOUR moment of decision of whether to commit to God’s Word or defy the truth.  It is, thankfully, impossible to understand God’s character and will using our mere human notions. Christ Jesus once thanked His Father that the truth was concealed from the clever, but revealed to simple people! (Matt 11:25, Luke 10:21)

Find some quiet stillness somewhere and reflect on this WITHOUT using YOUR logic or using your understanding. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; [I know people who can’t even do that much for themselves, their family, or even their children!] and lean not unto thine own understanding [that is the biggest challenge…oh, how we believe we have to be able to and have the ability to figure everything out. Put our label on it, and then go on living like we are smarter than our Creator!] in all ways acknowledge him [everything in your life-including your next breath and heartbeat is because that is God’s will. When was the last time you fell to your knees and sincerely thanked Father for being there for you even when you denied Him, doubted, or dared to question Him, or cursed Him!] and he shall direct thy paths.” [Again…all you are asked to do is believe in and serve God, and He will show you the way. You might not approve or understand, but that is where belief and faith are embedded.

To follow (please, honor, help glorify) God the Father, we MUST and are REQUIRED to do far more than fulfill a series of duties. Trust that our God of unceasing love and grace has a unique longing for those who respond to His call. It is a mistake, or critical misunderstanding, to believe, as some do, that only some are called. Father waits for our response to His invitation to spend eternity with Him. It is never the will that anyone should perish. Yes, that is hard to believe, but that is the pureness of Father’s love.  
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