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Biblical History
The Scarlet Thread

There are, of course, several ways to define Biblical history. So let’s explore where we are beginning from. Our Biblical history is the way our God presents it in our Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is Biblical history. Biblical history tells about real people, from real places that had the same and/or similar problems that we are still challenged with today. Biblical history is all about God’s redemption or one might substitute the word Christ Jesus for the word redemption. Biblical history gives us perspective on our life here on earth, and as we will see, the life to come.
Remark: This helped me and still does (context).  Briefly — Satan and God the Father had a falling out so Satan is out to overthrow anything and everything connected to God the Father.  From the very “beginning” Satan has tried to prevent redemption — knowing that salvation is God’s ultimate goal. Throughout both the Old and New Testaments we are given glimpses into the future (prophecy)—of when Jesus will return and of the new Heavens and new Earth. Satan knows the plan and the goal but doesn’t know the details, so he is in a reactionary position that becomes quite evident as we study Biblical history.
There is something named, “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption”. Because of the brevity of this article the scarlet thread of redemption will be explained in greater detail in a future article, God willing. The scarlet thread of redemption plainly shows how Satan has ALWAYS tried to prevent Christ Jesus from accomplishing His work. For the sake of some clarity I will explain, to the best of my understanding, some highlights from the “Scarlet Thread”. I will start with the real/actual beginning - Genesis.
God planned to redeem mankind from his fall into sin. From the promise of Genesis 3:15 to the sacrifices offered as a covering for sin, God’s Word points forward to Jesus. This scarlet thread—the plan of mankind’s redemption—is one that God has woven into the fabric of history. It is a reminder throughout Scripture that Jesus Christ—the Savior—would come to pay the penalty for sin.”  This Savior idea of God’s angers Satan as he sees where he could lose his power to hold the saints after death.  Remember that there was no redemption before The Cross of Christ Jesus.  God couldn’t bring them (the saints) to be with Him in His Presence before The Cross of Christ Jesus because of sin.
The Curse and the Seed is referring to the seed of the woman in Gen 3:15.  This signifies the redeemer would be a human. Satan tried to get all humans destroyed to prevent the possibility of Christ Jesus being born. That was done through the time of demon intrusion which spurred the Great Flood of Noah’s time. Satan, though not having all the details, and knowing that the redeemer will be a human doesn’t appear to have another plan of attack until the time of Abram (later God changed his name to Abraham) and we are provided with Gen 22:18. At this point Satan finds out that the redeemer would be Jewish. After all, Abram was a Gentile who later became the first Jew. This part is lengthy so I will really give a high level view!  Abram is married to Sarai (Sarah) who God had made barren. But God told them that they would have a son at a later date. Satan, trying not to miss an opportunity, steps in and convinces Sarai (Sarah) to have her Egyptian handmaid Hagar get impregnated by Abram to help fulfill and speed along God’s promise to Abram. Of course the real reason was that Satan was trying to dilute the “the seed” because Hagar was Egyptian. Abram agrees to have sexual relations with Hagar, and does. Later, Sarai regrets her decision and forces Hagar to leave. Hagar leaves but after a short time is met by an Angel who tells her she is with child and to return to the camp of Abram and not to worry. Hagar, by Abram, has a son named Ishmael. Abram was eighty-six years old when Ishmael was born. When Abram was ninety-nine years old, God changes Abram’s name to Abraham (Gen 17:5). God makes a covenant with Abraham and then changes Sarai’s name to Sarah. Time passes and then, according to God’s Word, Sarah has a son and they name him Isaac. Sarah becomes jealous and demands Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away. This displeased Abraham but God said to Abraham, “Yet I will also make a nation of the son of the bondwoman, because he is your seed” (Gen 21:13). Abraham is comforted by this promise from God and sends Hagar and Ishmael away. In case you aren’t familiar with all the genealogies, I’ll just mention bullet points.
Ishmael goes on to have twelve sons. Isaac (son of promise) marries Rebecca (who turns out to be barren) but later gives birth to 2 sons. Their names are Jacob and Esau. Satan evidently tries to step-in again here. Jacob and Esau have a huge falling out. Jacob goes one direction out of fear of Esau.  Jacob goes off and Satan is hoping that he’ll be killed — but as the story goes, Angels protected him as is evident while Jacob is sleeping on the rock.  There is a profound reason the Holy Bible goes into such length with genealogy.  Jacob’s line, going back in time as well as forward in time, clearly shows the unadulterated bloodline that will eventually produce Christ Jesus. It fascinates me to see God working His plan — I digress. Now Satan, at this point, realizes that the redeemer will be from the tribe of Judah.
Esau, though, left in much anger because of the falling out and joins Ishmael’s tribe. Esau inter-marries into that bloodline and this will be the foundation for “Allah”, Islam, Muslims, and in time, Esau becomes the father of Edom who, in time, furthers the bloodline that produces Herod. I found it of great interest when I discovered one of Satan’s strategic moves (tricks). He duplicated nearly everything from the Holy Bible to construct the Koran. Here is the “trick”.  In the Koran Abraham sacrifices Ishmael and not Isaac. This helps explain the unfortunate “relationship” the Muslims have with Christ Jesus. It also helps explain why there have been continual land battles from that time in history to the present day. Of course it also helps explain the relationship Believers have with Muslims because of that trick. Suggestion: Be sure to research and study all that in much greater detail — you need the information for context.
Fast forwarding time, one comes to the time of David. Now Satan realizes that the redeemer will be from the family of David. Satan evidently tries to step-in again here. Satan tries several times and in several ways to dispose of David. We have the stories of Goliath, King Saul, David just running for his life for so long, and seeing as none of that worked…Satan leads David into adultery, and worse, hoping that God would kill him because of his sins.
Then out of King David’s line eventually came the Redeemer — Christ Jesus. Satan evidently tries to step-in again here. When Jesus is born Satan had all the babies killed hoping that would take care of Jesus. Later through Jesus’ 30 year life, Satan tries over and over again to get Jesus killed. For example he tried to drown Jesus in a boat he tried on a couple occasions to have Jesus stoned to death, he tried to tempt (or lure) Jesus away from His work, etc.

Biblical history is also a showcase for the repeated failures of Satan — the god of this world. Even for those that do not know this Biblical history… it is clearly evident that Satan has NOT GIVEN UP. Names and faces have changed but the sin, corruption, lack of morals, lack of ethical behavior, and the apathetic attitudes directed toward our God of the Holy Bible is still with us.  Now, because of “modern technological advances”, Satan has even greater tools to use in his pathetic course of action.  Some day in the future, when this period becomes history, there rests little doubt in my mind that people will read about how Satan used our modern technology to his advantage!

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