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Our Physical Health
Air, Water, and Soil
I doubt that it comes as any surprise to read that the air, water, and soil we depend on for our very life- is contaminated, and in my opinion contaminated beyond reversal.  Even with the world’s collective scientific knowledge, we have no choice but to reap the fruits of what they have sown. Instead of listening to God, they (and some very deep pockets of money) decided for everyone on earth to place money in front of God. Pay attention to what really gets “fast-tracked” in science. It will always have one thing in common and that is the thread of money. Make it faster, smaller, larger, smaller, cheaper to make, cheaper to implement, less complicated, you get the idea! The mindset is — Make and take the money (power) now because the consequence of my actions won’t affect ME in MY lifetime. Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox now — sorry.
Times change and many times change so slowly that it goes without notice to most—others choose not to address the change. Regardless, the environment, i.e. air, water, and soil, has dramatically changed since you were born! What we now know is Really Yesterdays News. Generally, most scholarly writing will go back no farther than four years for their research data. Notice I said scholarly writing and not “off the cuff” or not thoroughly researched articles like the ones we are flooded with daily. The point I am trying to get to is that we are relying on other people’s information to be accurate. However, accurate is only a part of what we actually need to be well informed. The other part is — timely.
It serves no good purpose to point the blame for the current condition of our environment on any one, group, or government. It does however forever change and continue to erode by the second. With the air, water, and soil all being one part providing to the other in a continual cycle, anything that affects one MUST affect the other two. Let me sum this idea up another way. The air your mom and dad breathed as children was cleaner than what you are breathing. The water your mom and dad drank as children was cleaner than what you are drinking. The soil that provided all the key nutrients found in their food was cleaner than what you have. There wasn’t as crucial a need for nutritional awareness when you mom and dad where children.  Armed with the knowledge one MUST have with regard to the state of our environment you MUST pay close attention to nutrition! Should you decide to continue reading, as you are reading keep in mind the never-ending and constant air, water, and soil cycle.

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